Why Should You Opt for Magento PWA Storefront?

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Online users have formed the habit of shopping on mobile devices a long time ago. Modern web technologies and design patterns got a lot to offer them, starting with developing responsive websites, creating a native or hybrid mobile app or building a PWA (progressive web app). The latest solution seems to be the key eCommerce trend nowadays, as many online businessmen apply it to their Magento-based stores.

If you are a Magento store owner too, there is a high probability you might need to pay attention to PWA and consider all new benefits it could bring to your business. Here are only a few of them:

  1. Speed improvement. The first reason you should definitely accept the Magento PWA concept is its high loading speed. With the implemented cashing feature, progressive web apps load instantly even if it includes memory-consuming media content. This aspect matters a lot to a modem customer. According to statistics, 53% of users are likely to abandon a webpage if it loads longer than 3 seconds. In some ways it seems like a minor thing, but in times it may lead to disappointing results.
  2. No app downloading. Progressive web apps are accessible via a simple browser, which means there is no need to wait until the app installs on a device. Moreover, there is also no need to go to the App Store or Google Play to update these apps. It happens totally autonomous, without the user’s manual intervention.
  3. Light weight. One more thing that can please PWA users is that progresive web apps don’t consume device memory to load. Thus, your clients won’t have to sacrifice any other data on their gadgets for the sake of PWA. Curious fact: the BookMyShows PWA is 54 times smaller than an Android app and 180 times smaller than an iOS app. Fantastic!

Due to all these benefits you have the chance to achieve new business heights, increase your customer satisfaction and, as a result, improve your conversion rates.

If you wonder what your next step is, I recommend that you read this article first. It gives a hint on how to integrate a PWA with your Magento-based store.

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