Why Is It So Critical to Upgrade Magento 2 Minor Version

Over time, the technological stack of any CRM system requires updating and improving security, data integrity, and download speed. As a result, the Magento 2 platform has released an update to the minor version, and we will tell you three ways to update it and why it is so necessary for your business?

What Adobe updates to expect in 2022?

Adobe offers owners of Magento e-commerce stores to update the following minor releases: patch, security-patch, and feature release. This will allow you to use the Magento version without bugs and vulnerabilities and optimize performance and speed.

What are the three ways to update Magento 2 Minor version?

One of our senior Magento developers shared three ways to update the Magento version. The first two methods are suitable for all versions of Magento, but the last one is only for Adobe Commerce/Cloud.

Method 1. A stable solution that provides the best code quality.

We consider this method one of the best and most effective. During such an update, the code is prepared and analyzed for the new version to avoid errors during operation. This avoids numerous errors when using Magento, which can be discovered after a specific time in case of an order, difficulties with inventory management, etc. This update option is quite long in time but gives one of the best results at the end.

Method 2. The quick one: Chicky bricky and production.

This method is the fastest of all three. First, you update the version and fix bugs in it. That is, it can be said the opposite way. This method is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses willing to allocate a small budget to update their store. However, if your online store has a lot of goods or services, it would be better to update firstly.

Method 3: Suitable for Adobe Commerce only.

This method involves using the update compatibility tool. This command-line interface (CLI) tool analyzes the settings on a specific Magento Commerce instance and determines the code that may need to be updated before upgrading. While this is a great way to analyze all the bugs and bugs in your code during an update, it does have some drawbacks. This Magento version upgrade method does not replace project developer research and can only be used for Adobe Commerce.

Here are three main ways to update Magento 2 Minor version. Each of them is valid and will lead to the ultimate and foremost goal of upgrading your e-commerce store. However, choosing which method depends on your business type and many other aspects. Read more about properly updating and why you should decide on the Magento platform in our article.



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