What Slows Down Your Magento 2 Website and How to Improve its Performance

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Magento eCommerce platform is world-wide famous among developers and online store owners due to its convenient architecture, great choice of extensions, endless possibilities to scale your business over time and many more aspects.

And after the Magento 2 version release, the platform has become even more functional.

Still, as you may know, Magento was made by developers and for developers, so this platform is a more powerful tool only in capable hands. There are several specificities to know to achieve your Magento website best performance ever, and a key aspect is its speed.

Akamai Company suggests that even a millisecond of page loading may influence an online store conversion rate.

And this is not surprising, as buyers choose online shopping due to the opportunity to make purchases quickly.

So firstly, let’s find out what factors may have a negative impact on a Magento 2 website speed:

  • the server’s overload;
  • excessive number of installed modules;
  • extensive rely on customizations.

The Magento 2 optimization process is quite complex, as it consists of various elements to diagnose. Here you can discover top 10 recommendations where to pay attention to, if you need your website to be fast like lightning:

  1. Check your hosting provider;
  2. Employ Content Delivery Network;
  3. Remove unnecessary modules;
  4. Optimize your website images;
  5. Delete logs;
  6. Use PHP accelerator;
  7. Cache website pages;
  8. Customize the .htaccess file to improve caching processes;
  9. Implement a single catalogue;
  10. Combine JS with CSS.

As you can see, there are many solutions on how to make your website speed better and provide your clients with a smooth experience. And a set of techniques mostly depends on your website peculiarities.

If you’d like to read about each technique in more detail, welcome to this article that fully describes this topic.

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