What Shipping Integrations Your Magento Store Might Need in 2021?

Shipping integration is just one component of an e-commerce supply chain, but it’s an essential one. Although default Magento functionality provides an intelligent solution to automate your e-commerce supply chain and enter the international market arena, its basic features do not always conform to the specific business demand.

In this regard, Magento shipping integration can help online retailers achieve complete transformations towards targeted shopping experience and business sustainability.

There are countless third-party extensions available on Magento Marketplace, an official Magento extension store, by which merchants can improve their web store management and performance and deliver their audiences customized services.

Let’s overview several of the best Magento shipping extensions in 2021 to provide insight into how your website can benefit from them and decide which extension will be the most suitable for your organization.

The extension allows retailers to have full control over shipping processes. For instance, to create and segment rules in alignment with special locations, a product combination, and other attributes.

Besides, with this module, a vendor can easily implement a multi-carrier strategy and offer customers a broad range of shipping methods to select from.

Using this module, online retailers can provide their customers with timely and the most convenient shipping options.

The Shipping Matrix Rates extension is the right choice for those who need to diversify their delivery methods according to customer location and create accurate shipping rates based on the destination, price, weight, quantity, etc.

In terms of Magento default options, the shipping rate option is not available for a separate product or a category. Catalog Shipping fully addresses this problem and is frequently used by retailers who seek a solution to drive units per transaction.

This module allows merchants to create specific shipping rates for particular items calculated by quantity.

With its help, an admin can set up shipping rates per item, category, or full catalog. Catalog Shipping also includes fixed price and free shipping methods.

Along with Catalog Shipping, this module facilitates the increase in units per transaction and boosts order value as well.

An admin can create and manage a free shipping bar, which presents a minimum order value for free shipping.

It encourages clients to add more items to their cart andtake advantage of free shipping.

Payment and Shipping Restrictions extends the native Magento functionality, in particular, specific payment and shipping options to be displayed on the checkout page.

Now admins are able to set specific payment and shipping options in accordance with a given customer group.

This module gives a good opportunity to approach each customer group individually, taking into consideration their preferences, and, as a result, tackle shopping cart abandonment issues.


Magento comes with powerful shipping capabilities. However, they are not always enough to meet individual business needs.

To enhance core Magento functionality, it’s important to consider third-party shipping integrations. Fortunately or not, Magento Marketplace has multiple extensions to optimize shipping management and order fulfillment.

If you look for assistance in choosing a proper shipping extension or require custom module development, the Dinarys team is at your disposal.

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