What Features Your Healthcare Mobile App Must Have?

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The idea of a healthcare app development seems to be very progressive nowadays. Due to modern eCommerce technologies we’ve got the chance to automate the healthcare industry, to improve profit for businesses and bring benefit to society.

To prove that digital health products are in high demand, here are some statistics:

Gallup survey claims that 45% of Americans have tried mobile health apps at least once.

And for many of them such mobile applications, as fitness or diet trackers, have become an essential part of daily life.

Moreover, there are up to 318 000 mobile health apps available in various app stores, number of which has doubled since 2015.

It means that healthcare app development becomes a more popular and promising field.

  1. Video conferencing feature. Telemedicine can certainly simplify patients’ life and make hospital functioning much easier. Apps with integrated video conferencing option provides the abilities to book appointments online and remote monitoring;
  2. Patient/doctor profile. Patient and doctor should have different roles using an app and also have access to different app functionalities;
  3. Search option + filters;
  4. Listing option to display search results;
  5. Booking option to book online consultations;
  6. Electronic prescription is a great option that attracts a majority of online patients. It allows sending prescriptions online and checking what medicines are available nearby;
  7. Dashboard is a necessary part of any app to track user’s activity;
  8. A “share your progress” option is a good solution to share user’s workout results and at the same time to promote your app.

In the mobile healthcare app development field there are no boundaries for imagination, so you can create whatever you want. This article overviews the main healthcare app benefits and also answers the question of healthcare app building cost. Weight all pros and cons and launch the best mobile healthcare app ever!

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