VUI: the Gamechanger bringing us to the future

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The world of technologies is constantly changing and developing. This brings new solutions to make ecommerce more effective and successful.

The service provided to customers is as important as the quality of the products you offer. And VUI (voice-user interface) is also about customer service. I would say, it is the gamechanger in the sphere of communication between your ecommerce solution and its users. VUI makes the information input and receiving much easier and quicker. Do you remember these fantastic movies, when the heroes are saying something to a device and immediately receive an answer or an action? Today it is reality. Imagine that you are driving a car and at the same time you urgently need to find something essential. What you can do? Ask your smartphone to find what you need!

VUI is quite young today, however, having great future perspectives. Today more and more people prefer Gooogle voice search — the stats show that about 20% of Google search requests are made with the help of voice.

VUI has plenty of advantages and just before sharing them I want to ask you again imagine: for example, you want to rent a car, visit the service company website, looking for necessary information, inputting the parameters necessary for you, choosing the most appropriate option, passing to booking and payment process…

In case the website has VUI option, all you need is to say:

“I want black BMW for the period of March in this location”. That is it!

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  1. Speaking is often much quicker than typing
  2. VUI makes you feel more comfortable with hands-free
  3. VUI provides more empathy while interacting with the users
  4. VUI is intuitive by default — everyone knows how to speak and the users don’t need to spend much time discovering the interface
  5. VUI will be specially useful for people having disabilities

In spite of the fact that there is still the room for improvement (here I mean that still, some people feel strange when speaking with a device and in case of surrounding noise the words can be identified in a wrong way) VUI is the next significant step in relations with the customers. The popularity of such technology will only be growing each day.

Just to conclude, I would like to mention that still the website design matters and often the attractive image motivates the customers to make a purchase, so let’s go deeper into this! Discover how your ecommerce can benefit from the great number of Magento themes!

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