Top 10 Tips for New Shopware Website Owners: How to Make a Good Start

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Your online store launch is an emotional event. First clients, first sales. It’s important for you to get everything right. It’s obvious, for there won’t be a second chance to make a first impression.

We have prepared for you some recommendations on how to be successful since the very beginning. This to-do list can quiet your mind and give confidence.

#1. Good organization matters. Well-organized team is one of the most important things to take care about. Start with building a positive working atmosphere. Think beforehand, how you will divide your corporate structure and delegate tasks. Such an approach can help to provide your clients with unforgettable shopping experience. Show them you try your best, and they will definitely come back in the near future.

# 2. Constantly optimize your business. Consumer behaviour analysis and data collecting is a strong instrument to understand your target audience main preferences. Primarily pay attention to the following eCommerce indicators:

  • Amount of your website visitors;
  • Conversion rate (visitors who become buyers, CR);
  • Average order value (AOV);
  • Return ratio (number of returns, RR).

This data measurement can help to reveal your false steps or to ensure your tactic is correct.

#3. Define your target audience and attract them to your store. It’s crucial to know your potential buyers and what they are motivated by when purchasing one or the other product. Don’t neglect data you have already obtained, conduct surveys and rely on facts. Intuition is not your helping hand in this competition. As soon as you know your possible customers, engage advertising channels and reach out to your audience in the places they are likely to be found. These channels can be either social networks or print media. Don’t focus only on one channel, but create a marketing mix for a greater probability of buyers involvement.

#4. Provide your buyers with smooth shopping experience. Your approach depends on your business niche and product specificity. For instance, consider product filters for your CMS to simplify user’s search. It shouldn’t be a challenge for them to find a desirable item. There is a wide variety of products and services on the market, what makes consumers impatient and capricious. Don’t let small missteps decrease your conversion rate.

#5. Show how competent you are. There is a big amount of companies that aim at short-term relationships. Thus, authenticity costs a lot. You can create a blog dedicated to your brand with different tips and tricks, guides for the use or just some recommendations on how to choose the right product. Ensure your clients this field is where you belong. It will definitely inspire their confidence.

#6. Offer your buyers enough product information. Remember, the main peculiarity of online shopping is inability to fully evaluate an item. Make all efforts to provide them with product images of the highest quality and attach detailed information. It has a huge impact on buyers decision process and decreases a percentage of returns. Do you need it? No way!

#7. Motivate clients to make a purchase. High conversion rate of your store is your major destination. Note, your Shopware website is your main advertising channel. So don’t only offer products, but advertise them as well. Write appealing descriptions, but keep balance. Clients misleading is a bad form.

#8. Be available. Make it possible for your website visitors to get in touch with you. Even if your website is totally informative, your buyers can still find a reason to contact you. So provide them with a valid email address, phone number or even chat option. Prompt reaction makes your customers feel they are not alone and they will always be assisted.

#9. Optimize the checkout process. When a client adds an item to his shopping cart, it’s not a sign of success yet. As surveys report, customers are likely to abandon their shopping cart if there is no optimal payment or shipping option. Bear it in mind and simplify the purchasing process of your website. For example, Shopware offers an excellent extension that can optimize your checkout page. One Page Checkout feature was made exactly to shorten checkout time and make a purchase just with several clicks.

#10. Think ahead. You have successfully launched your store, but it’s not yet time to relax. Once a purchase is completed, it’s not the end. You should keep on looking after your buyers and ensure they are not disappointed with a product. Your store must include transparent conditions for returns and exchanges. Moreover, you can let them know they are always welcome, giving regular customers special discounts or tell them about some more products they might like.

I sincerely hope you start a prosperous business. Who knows, maybe someday it will grow into a world-famous brand! Certainly, eCommerce provides all necessary instruments for that. Never settle for less and choose the best CMS for your needs. What about Shopware?

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