Supply Chain Visibility: Definition and Importance

What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

Why Does Your Supply Chain Visibility Matter?

  1. Enhanced planning. Having a centralized system with superb search capacities allows merchants to seamlessly extract hard-to-get data and make use of it while planning future workloads, for instance, forecasting seasonal demand and developing corresponding logistics strategies.
  2. Disruption mitigation. SCV provides an overall look at supply chain operations. Hence, in case of any supply chain disruptions, merchants can immediately detect the problem and take fast actions accordingly. SCV, due to a strong data analysis, can also make a due contribution to reducing potential supply chain issues, such as transport bottlenecks, labor shortages, or inventory shortfalls.
  3. Improved collaboration and increased speed of order fulfillment. A fully automated supply chain network brings the product data, people, and business processes together into a secure, single source of truth. It encourages transparency and enables cooperation with external supply chain partners in a more efficient way, which, in turn, will allow you to obtain supplies timely and please your clientele with fast order fulfillment.

Technologies that Increase Supply Chain Visibility

Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)




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