Summarizing the Year with Shopware

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I’ll never fail to mention that 2020 was an unprecedented year that had a different effect on eCommerce retailers. By the way, it was a year of the Shopware 20th anniversary.

The greatest lesson to be learned is that winners are those who manage to adapt quickly to changes.

And Shopware eCommerce platform has proved its reliability during these complex times and provided merchants with all necessary conditions to overcome the challenges.

For example, the company launched the Downtown project, a software for municipalities to open virtual marketplaces for free. The pioneers in taking advantage of this possibility were traders from Italian city Bolzano.

It was an extraordinary year for the company as well. As it was mentioned, Shopware turned 20 in May 2020, and on this solemn day there was a ban on events of Shopware Community Day’s level. However, trying a new format — remote celebration — has quite a positive impact. The company was inspired to launch the digital event series SCD Explore where B2B sector experts gladly shared their experience and business insights.

As for product updates, at the beginning of the year Shopware introduced the Shopware Cloud and the Shopware PWA that offer completely different customer experiences.

In the second half of 2020 Shopware pursued a goal of making their development process more transparent and predictable. That’s how the new rubric the Global Product Update appeared that shines a light on upcoming releases. I have already described it in more detail in this article.

Recnelty the company has started a huge event under #ShopwareSecretSanta for the Shopware community to exchange gifts. Join this Cristmas activity and follow the tag on social media to see how adorable the Shopware community is!

Shopware wishes you happy holidays and entrepreneurial success in 2021. And our Dinarys team wants to join in wishing all the best to eCommerce retailers and everyone who is closely associated with this magic digital world!

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