Step into Shoes E-Store: how to create the best ever website

Ecommerce today is one of the most perspective fields to step into. More and more people are joining the trend of online shopping each day. You’ve decided to start an online business? Great idea, I would say! One of the easiest ways to start in ecommerce is a shoe e-store. Shoes are related to the fashion industry and no outfit is complete without a pair of great shoes!

Before talking about the process itself, let me share the great advantages of selling online:

  • To start in ecommerce there is no need to spend money on a physical area for your store, on salespeople salaries, and other expenses needed for the classic store.
  • E-store is available for the customers 24/7.
  • You can easily monitor and analyze customer behavior using various ecommerce tools. It means that you can better predict customer preferences and adjust your store accordingly. In other words, your store can be more effective successful.
  • You will be at the place, where the majority of people prefer shopping not leaving their home.

After you’ve made deep market research, your next step is to create ecommerce website, of course. But, take into account the list of the latest trends in the sphere of ecommerce fashion retail. It will help you understand what can make your future website much more effective. Here are some of these trends, but remember that you should constantly monitor them as they are changing quickly. Be in trend almost equal to success. So, let’s see what are these current trends:

Artificial intelligence (AI) — this technology becomes more and more popular in the fashion sphere as it is able to offer the customers personalized experience. Thanks to AI the online shoppers can easily find what they exactly need. As an example, you can use AI in the “you may also want” section.

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Chatbots — this technology helps the customers to choose the products they want. Chatbots are the best way to speak with your current and future customers.

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Multi-channel retail sales — it helps to be more customer-focused. This is all about promotion and selling via social media, apps, marketplaces and e-communities. In a word, this approach enables selling via any channel available.

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And, finally, we’ve approached to one of the main points in starting-up in ecommerce, the website creation. Of course, your future website should perfectly match your e-business.

To create the website for e-store you need to choose an ecommerce platform, which suits your stock size, payment gateways preferences, expected traffic size and offers several payment plans.

As eCommerce experts, we usually recommend Magento Ecommerce Solution. It is an open-source platform that can suit both small and big businesses. Being capable to cope with heavy traffic, it will be ideal for start-ups that are planning to expand and the stores with a big amount of products. Magento is a reliable and scalable solution, which is the choice of famous brands. It offers several pricing options: free and annually paid.

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Or you can simply contact Dinarys team and we will help you to build a custom Magento 2 website — unique, competitive and scalable!

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