Shopware VS Magento: Comparison of Two Innovative eCommerce Platforms

Magento eCommerce platform has been taking a position as the leading CMS a long time ago. There were no doubts the platform will have no equal in the future, but apparently, Shopware turned out to be a credible alternative to Magento.

Currently, both Shopware and Magento are extremely popular among online retailers all over the world. The platforms have a lot in common:

  • Open-source nature;
  • Based on innovative technologies;
  • Scalability;
  • High level of security;
  • Extensive community of clients and developers etc.

Still, Shopware and Magento differ in many points. These points include pricing, ease of use, eCommerce features, etc. In this article, we are going to overview one of the key factors that influence the choice: pricing.

Shopware introduces 3 packages:

  • Starter Edition, which is completely free. It can be considered as a worthy Shopware trial. Like every trial, its possibilities are limited with simple functionality;
  • Professional Edition provides more eCommerce tools for website customization. This edition is a perfect option for brands that want to be different from their competitors. The Shopware Professional edition’s price is 1 925 € paid one time. And the price of the Shopware Professional + Edition is 5 995 €;
  • Enterprise Edition unlocks a significant range of options together with dedicated support. Its price is available on request.

Magento is technically free, but either you’re looking for standard features for seamless online-store performance or you need some advanced functionality, you should be ready for extra expenses. Like Shopware, Magento offers 3 editions too:

  • Magento OpenSource can be installed without extra charge. Anyhow, your website will require hosting, domain name, and a good level of security. So additional expenses are unavoidable;
  • Magento Commerce is aimed at developing websites of enterprise levels. This edition’s pricing depends on the scale of your business and starts from 22 000 $ per year;
  • Magento Commerce Cloud is similar to Magento Commerce, but it’s a better option for large businesses that deal with a huge amount of sales data. Cloud storage minimizes the risks of data loss. Since this package includes all possible features, its price starts from 40 000 $ per year.

You can make a conclusion that the Magento platform is much more costly. But what exactly determines pricing in both cases? Welcome to our article to find a more detailed description of the differences between Magento and Shopware.

As a Shopware and Magento Solution Partner, the Dinarys team knows how to dispel all your doubts, so you could choose the right variant exactly for your business.