Shopware Marketplace: A Ready-Made Solution for Your e-Commerce Business

Shopware is one of the most scalable e-commerce systems with over 16 years of experience on the market. The company prioritizes clients' and partners' feedback and considers the transparency of the product development process as the key to success.

Based on up-to-date technologies, the Shopware platform lets entrepreneurs build fully customized e-commerce websites and provide their customers with a unique shopping experience.

Shopware is an appropriate option not only for a traditional business model, but also for marketplace development.

You can easily create a marketplace, powered by Shopware, with the help of various Shopware marketplace extensions, for example, Shopware Multi-Seller Marketplace by Webkul.

Let’s highlight some of its main features, so you can better understand what your future marketplace website will be capable of.

The extension allows any client to become a rightful seller, so they will be able to list and sell their products as well as manage their merchant profile and orders on your multi-vendor marketplace.

Besides, the module enables sellers to add the following elements to their profiles:

  • Image as an avatar;
  • Store name;
  • Links to social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.);
  • Store’s logo;
  • Store’s banner;
  • Store’s short and complete descriptions.

In the order sections, merchants can see such order details as:

  • Order number;
  • Billing details;
  • Payment details;
  • Shipping details;
  • Products ordered;
  • Order status.

Product reviews play an important role in the customer decision-making process. This feature can attract more buyers, making them more likely to complete the purchase on your website. Shopware Multi-Vendor Marketplace offers this option, making visible the next review details on the review page:

  • Review points;
  • Author name;
  • Time Stamp;
  • Comment.

Here are a few successful examples of e-commerce marketplaces, built with the marketplace extension:

  • Stoffwald — an online boutique that specializes in fabric and sewing accessories.

Online fabric shopping has never been so convenient before. With just a few clicks Stoffwald's website visitors can smoothly find all necessary items and make purchases from the most preferable seller.

  • Clendo — an online store for cleaning supplies.

With over 15 years of experience on the market, Clendo company has radically changed its selling policy and immediately increased conversion rates due to e-commerce adoption.

Take full advantage of a ready-made e-commerce marketplace solution on top of the Shopware platform too. To do so, just follow the link.