Shopware Doesn’t Stop Improving Your Online Stores: last updates

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Recently Shopware has introduced new innovations, related to the version

Besides, the company highlighted, there won’t be any updates in January, however in February we should wait for something magical.

So let’s see what updates Shopware will grace us with in December:

  1. Finding without searching. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a necessary product due to the big choice. In such cases the abundance of products must be structured somehow for easier search. Shopware has profoundly refined this process and has offered the presentation of different kinds of the same item in the form of listing. So if there are much more options of a desirable product, a client will definitely know about it and won’t miss anything;
  2. More transparency for clients. From now on it will be more simple for customers to track their order history, status of orders and its changes in their Shopware customer account. For you as a merchant it will be possible to decide what information your customers have access to. Besides, you will be able to manage the access and open it either through storefront customer’s panel or only via email;
  3. Shopping cart restore. As you may know, there are various reasons why customers abandon their shopping cart. eCommerce main purpose is to prevent it. But Shopware has gone further: now a chosen item doesn’t disappear after the first visit. On the contrary — it persistently stays in a basket during further visits. But please note, it’s possible only for registered users;
  4. Account deletion in accordance with GDPR. According to General Data Protection Regulation, the EU citizens must be able to have significant control over all data they provide. Obviously, it relates to the customers data that digital stores possess. Now customers can delete their data painlessly through their storefront account. And everything, connected with their data, like newsletter subscription can be deleted on demand too. Nevertheless, it will be legal to save former orders data;
  5. Products per page control. As a store owner, it’s up to you what number of items your website visitors may look through per page. This option is applicable to both search results and categories.

Shopware never ceases to amaze. This eCommerce platform takes care of every little detail and will never let its mentee websites lean back. So it’s not a surprise that the official PWA for Shopware has already been released. If you want to know the difference between PWA and traditional websites and to get the point why PWA is the way of the future, welcome to this blog article.

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