Set Your Own Rules with Shopware

The release of Shopware 6.3.4 has brought us a rich list of marketing opportunities. And Rule Builder for Shopping Experience is one of them. Make sure it’s not big talk and keep on reading!

Rule Builder is a feature that allows you, as a merchant, to turn your online-store management into a more efficient process. Thus, you can create a flexible scenario for specific customers’ groups. For example, with Rule Builder you have the authority to set individual prices, shipping fee, make a targeted content etc.

Moreover, after the previous update it’s possible to use Rule Builder in combination with Shopping Experience, a content pages manager. Such a combination is a great marketing instrument to build an emotional connection with your client.

How do these features work together? When another one of your layouts is ready, you develop predefined rules, going to the settings of a necessary layout’s block and clicking on the section “Visibility”. There you draw up the regulations you want. And then you offer this designed layout to a certain target group, like premium clients, new customers and so on.

How is it applicable in practice? Imagine that a part of your customers have a certain amount of money in their shopping cart. With the help of Rule Builder you can easily encourage them and set up a notification, so this group will receive a gift. Or you can provide everyone who visits your website at a particular time with a discount code. In a word, now you can bring any idea to life.

On top of everything else, this flexible solution is a perfect way to treat your target audience in an individual manner and keep everything under control.

As you can see, Shopware eCommerce platform is a worthy variant for digital stores that lack advanced functions. If you are not still a Shopware user, follow the link to discover more about Shopware migration. It’s painless, I promise!




CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova

CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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