Scale or Fail. How to Find a Scalable e-Commerce Solution for Your Business Size? Part II

In our previous article we overviewed the most widely-used e-commerce solutions for different business sizes from the scalability perspective. These included WooCommerce, Prestashop, Oxid, Shopify and Shopware.

Let’s continue our research and pay our attention this time to such modern e-commerce platforms as Gambio, OpenCart, Spryker, Sylius, and Magento.


It is a German-based website builder that offers different packages for businesses of various levels: from startups and small businesses to enterprises. It doesn’t have a free plan, but you can use its free 14 days trial.

Gambio has its strength, like marketing tools, diverse payment methods, and other features that are essential for an average e-commerce website. But can this solution give more?

If you consider expanding your store network, you should know that this solution doesn’t support multi-shop functionality. Without it, you’ll barely manage your multi-store inventory manually.


It’s one more open-source e-commerce platform, which is less popular than other digital solutions, but it allows online retailers to take advantage of its full range of functions, like multiple languages, compatibility with the modern payment gateways etc.

Theoretically, this platform is scalable and can provide small and midsize businesses with smooth performance, however, as experience shows, it’s not the best choice for business scaling. OpenCart is too sloppy to handle a big amount of add-ons and support complex functions.


This e-commerce platform is a comparatively new brand, but it has already managed to earn the trust of narrow communities due to the use of innovative technologies.

Its main Spryker’s peculiarity is an individual approach that allows merchants to meet customer specific needs.

The platform is mostly targeted to medium and large size B2B and B2C businesses.


This e-commerce platform is a perfect choice for those retailers who intend to make their business highly-customized. Sylius is very suitable either for experienced online merchants or for aspiring, but ambitious e-commerce businessmen who want their website to expand in the near future.

Nevertheless, being one of the most advanced technologies on the market, Sylius requires the interference of professional developers.


It’s considered to be a leading open-source e-commerce platform that is highly popular among large businesses that are ready to make a significant investment in website development.

Its main advantages are a rich feature list, extensive community, the possibility to choose different hosting providers, etc.

But you should remember that because of Magento’s monolithic approach its customization can be complicated. Besides, Magento has a high entry barrier, which means it’s not an option for low-budget startups.


All got different needs. In case all mentioned solutions are too radical for you, and you are looking for a happy medium, we recommend you focus on Shopware. This platform is definitely able to live up to expectations of any business level and business niche.

Follow the link to read a comprehensive comparison of Shopware with other widely-spread e-commerce platforms to find your place for growth.

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