How to Create a PWA with Magento?

Jane Vyshnova
2 min readFeb 8, 2021


Mobile gadgets have long been an integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem. Earlier it was hard to imagine, which technology would be able to replace all the benefits of the native mobile application. However, lately the rate of adoption of PWA or progressive web apps has significantly increased.

In case you frequently bump into this buzzword, but still didn’t explore its meaning, keep on reading. This article will describe basic aspects you should necessarily know about PWA and its benefits for your online business.

Progressive web application is a web app delivered through the web and built using the latest technologies to combine the best features of both web and mobile apps to deliver a highly-engaging user experience.

Sounds intriguing? Keep on reading!

This innovation has been introduced relatively recently, but it has already gained a good popularity among the leading digital giants, like Pinterest, Uber, Forbes, Aliexpress etc. Once the conversion rates of these companies were doubled, PWA started to be implemented among businesses of various sizes.

Why Should You Consider PWA for Your Magento E-Commerce Store?

  1. Responsiveness. Unlike a traditional e-commerce website, progressive web apps are designed to be compatible with any device regardless of the screen size and other characteristics.
  2. Fast Development. PWA takes less time to develop than a website or a mobile app. When you create a native mobile app, there is a necessity in using separate technologies for Android and iOS, while PWA development requires only HTML, CSS and JS.
  3. Offline Mode. It is one of the PWA’s key features. It can be quite beneficial for both merchants and online buyers, as autonomous functionality of PWA allows making purchases on the go or in places with no access to the Internet.
  4. SEO-Friendliness. Unlike a naive mobile app, progressive web apps have URLs that are indexed by Google.
  5. Security. PWA are better protected from cybercriminals due to employing HTTPS protocols instead of HTTP.

Of course, PWA’s advantages don’t stop here. I still didn’t mention its other strong points, like high loading speed, user-friendly interface, light weight and extensive support. Nevertheless, any technology may have its cons, and progressive web apps are no exception.

Follow the link to this article to discover its disadvantages and decide, if you really need a PWA for your Magento web-store.



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