Online Auctions: Best Practices

Do you know that a modern person receives and elaborates the same volume of information during a month as a person did during the whole life in XVII?

Why I’m asking? This statement proves that it is impossible to cover everything, but at least its worth being aware of the latest news in the related business area.

Having practical experience in developing online auction website, I’m also interested in the recent updates in the sphere and glad to share it with you.

Ecommerce opened new opportunities not only for retailers but for auctions as well. Even famous auction houses have already enjoyed the benefits of being online. But still, there are some challenges that should be considered. One of the most challenging issues in ecommerce is how to protect online purchases. This question is specially sensitive for auctions as often people deal with highly expensive items. Let’s see the practice of eBay, which has been dealing with high-end watches for a long time.

eBay launched a special Authenticity Guarantee option that protects both buyers and sellers. The famous auction marketplace cooperates with independent experts, who can confirm that the luxury watch “masterpieces” are original quality. This option is available for items starting from $2000+ and is absolutely free for both sides.

How does it work?

You can check it on the official eBay website. Briefly speaking, the process includes the following:

  1. The chosen item is sent to the expert by a seller.
  2. The expert carries out a deep investigation of the item originality. Approves the quality and sends the item to you with the special card certifying the check.
  3. The item is safely delivered to you with a signature required.

I think that again eBay proved and demonstrated its care about the users. It is a great practical example that should be taken into consideration.

P.S. eBay appeared in 1995 as a hobby that turned out to be the major source of income. Today it is one of the most popular auction marketplaces for selling and buying online. And as we can see from the example above, it continues developing.



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Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova


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