One Thing to Do to Lower Your Magento Website Total Cost of Ownership

Constant growth and following innovations is a must in the eCommerce world, as every trend’s time comes sooner or later, so it’s irrational to stick to the same story once and for all.

Being young is about being modern and flexible to quickly adapt to changes. It’s a crucial factor for sellers who are involved in digital activities, because the tastes and needs of online buyers change rapidly.

In my opinion, Magento Commerce Platform, as a provider of excellent digital solutions, will never get old, for it gives merchants a full opportunity to deliver the best customer experience, releasing new versions on an ongoing basis.

Keeping the platform upgraded means always staying one step ahead, and it’s obvious. But it’s also important to note that keeping a web-store regularly updated is exactly what can significantly drive down total cost of ownership (CTO) in the long run.

You can find more information on CTO in my previous article.

Here are 4 reasons why regular platform updates may help you to optimize your budgetary process:

  • Each release includes new tools for website performance improvement that may have a cumulative effect. In times of global lockdown, namely in the second quarter of 2020, eCommerce sales grew to 44,4% compared to 2019. Currently it’s clear that we can expect its sustained growth in the future. And the major interest of any retail business is to match demand. The latest eCommerce platform versions totally meet this requirement.
  • When updates occur on a regular basis, it minimizes the overall effort. If the period between two updates is more extended, it may take more steps, time and, as a result, unnecessary costs.
  • Enhance security. Unconditionally, security level has a big impact on clients’ trust. Besides, data breach may cost more than you expect. Magento puts many efforts to maintain a high security level, including security patches in each software version and providing extra tools, like Magento Security Scan Tool.
  • Regular updates means to be an explorer and implement new features first, which enables your company to take leading positions in your business niche.

Changing is not easy, especially when you don’t see desired results quickly. But if you make constant improvement a core element of your eCommerce strategy, eventually it will bear fruit and contribute to increased conversion rates for sure.

If you are not a Magento web-store owner still, don’t despair. The process of migration to the Magento platform is easier than you think, if you leave this responsibility in the hands of talented developers. Follow the link and find main Magento migration steps to follow.

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