Top 3 Magento CRM Extensions to Satisfy Your Customer

Benefits of Integrating CRM with Your Magento Website

Logging customer online behavior

Multiple filtering options

  • Visitors who frequently scroll your website but still have not made up their minds for purchase;
  • Clients who made a large purchase on your website during the last half of the year, and since that time have not come for more purchases yet;
  • People from a certain location, interested in a certain product category.

Custom feedback log

Best Magento CRM Extensions to Consider for Your Online Store


  • Event-based tracking: tracking user’s website activity per one session;
  • Real-time tracking;
  • Data extracted from multiple sales channels and collected in one place;
  • Immediate data synchronization;
  • Possibility to add tags and notes for more efficient search results.


Agile CRM

  • Meeting and project management;
  • Landing page building;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Customer helpdesk;
  • Tickets and feedbacks processing;
  • Autoresponses.




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