Monthly Global Product Update from Shopware

Shopware is open to its large community and keeps us regularly updated. As Shopware claims, open source is not only their software characteristic, but also the company’s mindset. It can be described as a constant desire to make their development process as transparent as possible.

Thus, some months ago Shopware has launched a new series entitled “Monthly Global Product Update”, where its product managers highlight innovations the company works on.

Here are a few topics Shopware covers within the Global Product Update format:

  1. New features introduction. Due to Shopware’s public roadmap it’s possible to track the ongoing development status of certain products at any moment. It should be noted that the company also provides informative screenshots or screen recordings, where they show in more detail what feature users should expect;
  2. New concepts. In addition to what has been already done, Shopware may share some ideas, once they have achieved a level to be introduced. Usually it happens in format of short presentation about a concept and its main purposes;
  3. Screen designs in the development stage. Screen design helps to get a clearer view of an upcoming feature, and as a result make it easier for users;
  4. Roadmap updates. When a new product appears in the roadmap, Shopware makes its brief introduction. If there are some changes, they are also added to the timeline;
  5. Release strategy update. If there are some global changes related to the release strategy, you will be definitely informed too;
  6. New version announcement. This is a very solemn moment, when new core products, important extensions or bugfix versions are released. This information is frequently updated as well. Besides, in this topic you will receive news regarding versions that are planned.

This format’s aim is not only to update the Shopware community, but also to get some early feedback. That’s how the community takes part in the Shopware development process. And it’s a good indicator of the company’s willingness to become better.

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