MAGENTO: something more than just a platform

Magento eCommerce solution is our key expertise at Dinarys. Providing full-range services aimed to help businesses benefit from this platform. And it is important for us to regularly monitor the latest updates that Magento shares with its community. In return, I’m always glad to share the news with you.

This time it is all about the brand meaning in the digital world. This year is challenging enough when we all faced the global pandemic. It significantly strengthened the key role of eCommerce in the modern market.

The choice of the perfect eCommerce solution is still essential, of course. And we all know that Magento is one of the best! But also you should seriously think over your

brand identity — what does your brand mean, what aim does it have and what is your brand key message for customers?

The understanding of the reason why your e-business exists will help to determine the best tools for providing your customers with the products / services they need. In Adobe company the specialist sure the today is the era, when people form their opinions quickly trusting the “voice of brand”. And I couldn’t agree more!

The Adobe just recently announced the launch of a new “Accelerator Webinar” educational series for marketers. The main aim is to help understand the needs and pains of the customers and then use them for customer journey optimization. The first episode is already available on the official Magento website. The Regional Head of Marketing, APAC & EMEA at Magento speaks about how to:

  • Make your brand clearly declare the main idea and purpose
  • Understand what your customers want in detail
  • Make a convincing journey for your customers
  • Take care of an individual approach to real people

Magento creators have again demonstrated their care about e-retailers using their products.

In our turn, we are in Dinarys always ready to help you with building robust and efficient Magento web solutions. Just send us a note and follow our Magento blog.



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Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova

CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥