Magento Security: How to Ensure and be Confident

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Ecommerce lives in the digital environment, where the security acquires special value. E-business owners should pay special attention not only to their own data protection, but also the customers should be sure that their personal data and financial information is highly secured. Specially today, when we often hear about new hacker attacks. Online “thefts” are inventing more and more methods to hurt your e-business.

Magento eCommerce platform is known for being a highly secured solution. Let’s see how you can ensure your e-business security using Magento 2 solutions.

First of all, carry out the regular Security Audit of your Magento website. It is the guarantee of not missing the “holes” in the protection. Certainly, I recommend turning to professionals to help you with this issue.

But, still check this list of necessary Security Measures that can be carried out both by yourself or with the help of the specialists.

Just 9 tips that will help to ensure your online security:

  1. Magento Security Tool — use it for monitoring the level of website protection.
  2. Security patches should be regularly checked and updated.
  3. Verify the safety level of the user authentication process.
  4. The confidential data should be strongly protected — check it.
  5. Regularly check the antivirus database updates.
  6. Unauthorized connections should be protected.
  7. The restricted access to the local.xml file should be enabled.
  8. Regularly check the action log of the server.
  9. All third-party applications should be checked.

Yes, I’ve mentioned above that Magento is a highly secure platform, but remember that regular security monitoring is the “golden” rule in the process of protecting your web-resource and avoid the unpleasant consequences of hacker attacks.

In our article about How to Ensure Magento 2 Security you can find a more technically detailed checklist that will help you understand the basic ways needed to protect your eCommerce website.

Also, note that Dinarys eCommerce team of professionals is always ready to help you with the code audit and checking the security issues of your e-business.

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