Magento Introduces the Upgrade Compatibility Tool

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Many words have been said about the importance of upgrading to the latest version of Magento Commerce. It can help to derive the maximum benefit from all the possibilities this leading CMS offers.

Clearly, any upgrade requires attention, extra effort and costs. Many Magento web-store owners look for a method to simplify this task and reduce losses.

It seems this method has been found. With the latest Magento invention Upgrade Compatibility Tool the upgrade process is not a challenge anymore.

The tool helps store owners identify potential issues before the upgrade process, make it smooth and lower its cost.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool detects code that should be updated before an upgrade itself.

In Magento Commerce Alpha release the tool is presented as a composer package that can be found on the Magento Marketplace. It is available for any merchant upgrading from version 2.x to 2.3 and later versions.

  1. A merchant downloads and runs the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.
  2. Data comparison and validation occur.
  3. List of issues and complexity score is introduced.
  4. Code is being fixed.
  5. Well done! Your Magento Commerce is ready for the next upgrade.

Please note, only merchants who run Magento Commerce can take advantage of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool. For those who own Magento Open Source or Magento 1 this tool is not available.

There are much more Magento tools on the market that help minimize security risks and avoid unexpected expenses.

This article tells how to optimize your e-commerce website with the new Magento Security Scan Tool.

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