Lot… Attention… Sold: 5 Auction Websites

Today, when almost every business thinks over being online, auctions are no exception. Even such famous auction houses as Sotheby’s and Christie’s enjoy the benefits of ecommerce technologies.

Online auction — what comes to your mind the first, when you hear these words combination? eBay, right? Everyone knows this famous online auction marketplace. But there are also other great examples of online auctions that you may like.

Let’s see the list of 5 other auction websites that I’ve just recently found and ready to share. Clothes, watches, books, cars… in a word — anything you may wish.

AuctionZip website

This website is the place where you can join live auctions carried out not only in the USA, but also in Israel, Italy, Korea and other countries. Real-time bidding experience right from your home place. You have a choice to join live auction or to schedule for upcoming events. Great experience, I would say!

ShopGoodwill website

Easy in use platform of Goodwill non-profit organization aimed at selling goods to collect funds for people with disabilities. The website offers a great choice of various lots starting from clothing, art pieces, products for home and finishing by musical instruments or computer equipment.

PropertyRoom website

This website is quite an interesting example. Here you can bid for fashion, jewelry, art, cars and other lots. Seems like an ordinary online auction website. Yes, but with the only difference — the website is for police public auctions. It means that the lots presented here are confiscated items. The website works with law enforcement and municipal agencies.

Listia website

The website with not so many users, but still an interesting example. Give & Get is the main principle of this website. You are not paying money for the lots. You should use special points earned for your activity on the website. “SELL YOUR OLD STUFF. GET NEW STUFF YOU LOVE” — the first slogan you see on entering the website.

Catawiki website

This website has collected more than 300 auctions, where you can bid for a number of different lots: jewelry, old-fashioned cars, unique stamps and many others. The website experts take care of choosing and verifying the lots. The added value of this website — it has an app that enables its users to bid wherever they are at the moment.

Hope I’ve managed to inspire you with these examples. If you want to find out more about online auctions I offer you to check this article. It will help you understand the process of online auction website creation and development.



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