Is your online store ready for stay-at-home holidays? Just in case, you can always rely on Magento Commerce 2.4.1!

New realities brought us to contactless lifestyles. The major holidays are ahead, and as various surveys claim, online shopping will become the most attractive. So it is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs not only to expand their business, but also to test their approach and reconsider the digital technology feasibility. For someone it’s going to be indeed challenging. But definitely not for projects, powered by Magento. Why?

Safety comes first
The latest release has obtained CAPTCHA for placing orders and WEB API’s endpoints. CAPTCHA is an efficient protection tool against carding, a threat for most merchants.

Toughen your website performance with Magento Site-Wide-Analysis Tool
From now on it’s possible to have anytime access to the Magento Admin Panel, to track your website state, functionality etc. and to make sure it has normal operating mode. What can be better?

Improved B2B experience for merchants and consumers
Improved capabilities in the fields of shipping and payment methods, cart management and security appeared. It contributes to the more convenient creation of templates, for since then buyers can add the entire cart or just certain products to their requisition list.

More comfortable content creating
Recent studies determined the duration of this year’s shopping season will be longer. For this reason it’s relevant for entrepreneurs to stay on top of media updating and adding new promotions and attractive advertisements from time to time to involve buyers.

New Media Gallery
With the Media Gallery in Magento 2.4.1 content creators are able to manage all processes more easily than ever. Automatic duplicate deletion can really come in handy.

Content optimization
Developed by Bounteous in collaboration with Adobe new integration came out that aims to support content managing through detailed media workflow.

What upcoming 2021 innovations to await?
There will be an update concerning minor versions policy. Since 2.3 versions won’t be the most actual anymore, only security updates will be available for them. And the most current release line 2.4 keeps getting complete support until new Magento 2.5 comes out. Since that time version 2.4 will receive security-only updates as well.

PHP 7.3 End of Support
By December 2021 PHP 7.3 support will be ended. For the Magento 2.3.7 release support for PHP 7.4 will be added. To avoid unnecessary issues with the previous version, it’s better for merchants to adopt the latest minor version 2.4 or update to Magento 2.3.7 when it’s available.

Hope now it’s more clear what actions to take to stay progressive. This article can be useful for you too.

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