Is Shopware PWA the Right Solution for Your eCommerce Project?

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Shopware is an open source eCommerce platform from Germany, based on a technological stack that certainly allows meeting changing demands of eCommerce, providing merchants with full opportunity to keep afloat and prosper in volatile times.

Shopware’s specific feature is keeping up with modern trends. Shopware PWA based on Vue Storefront (an open-source PWA framework for eCommerce) is the proof.

Progressive web apps, introduced in 2015 by the Google team, have already managed to compete with traditional websites and native mobile apps, exceeding them by all parameters.

Having risen to the challenge of adopting the PWA First, Shopware presented its own product, which has become a highly-functional solution for creating fully working online stores. The first thing you should know is that businesses of any size can take advantage of Shopware PWA, as it’s not dedicated solely to big eCommerce companies. It could become a perfect fit for both small local businesses and enterprises, answering their needs for growth prospects and flexibility.

Vue Storefront is an open-source frontend, based on headless eCommerce architecture, which allows replacing frontend without backend changes. It delivers merchants and their customers smoother experience compared to other PWA solutions. The popularity of Vue Storefront among web-store owners and developers has grown exponentially in recent years.

Vue Storefront is able to positively impact business-critical metrics, and here are what targets can be achieved due to it:

  • 60% higher mobile engagement
  • It takes 2 seconds to load even on 2G
  • 90% reduced app size in comparison with an Android mobile app

The usefulness of Shopware and Vue Storefront synergy is undeniable. This collaboration offers a great API, while Vue Storefront contributes to Shopware PWA effective and smooth performance.

Now online merchants have a chance to boost their sales, implementing PWA technology into their Shopware 6 websites, and gain the following benefits:

  • Building a highly-engaging online presence
  • Near native mobile UI with improves usability features
  • Ultimate speed
  • Offline shopping

If you strive to meet your customer preferences, going PWA is critical nowadays. Opting for Shopware PWA may bring you double benefit, as with its help you will be able to create, maintain and scale a completely custom frontend according to your requirements, which, all in all, will lead to great freedom in the long run.

Still doubt whether Shopware 6 is the right choice for you? This article may help sort out the details.

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