How to make your commercial website worthy the digital competition

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It’s not a surprise anymore, the eCommerce market has already involved a big part of retailers all over the world. Therefore, merchants of every digital store, who decided to take part in an online race for success, have faced competitive pressure. In this case smart eCommerce technologies are a good idea to sell more and more effectively.

Here are 7 tips and tricks, which could come in handy while automating all online business processes:

1. Content plays a crucial role in the customer experience. The more thoughtful approach a marketer applies to his target audience, the more positive response he will get from the customers. Page Builder suite, provided only by Magento Commerce, is a worthy tool to manage content pages without developers’ help, to interact with a separated range of customers individually etc.;

2. Not only personalized content, but also Personalized product recommendations are a part of strategy to reach your final buyer and make him satisfied. This tool may generate product suggestions automatically due to machine learning, so there is no need for any manual interventions. Besides, selecting goods manually for every target group is time-costly and still doesn’t promise to bring good results;

3. Multi-channel. Consumers strive for flexibility, and a big choice of either products or payment and delivery methods will definitely be appreciated. Thus, no matter what happens, multichannel attitude should never be ignored;

4. Segmented web-sites. As an online-store expands, new products and even brands appear. Not to make a search capability more complicated and assortment overloaded, probably it’s necessary to consider grouping some of products into separated branded websites. And, perhaps, on this step there can be some difficulties with multiple websites administration. But Magento Commerce is already on its way to simplify the process;

5. Prompt responding. According to the latest research, nearly 62 percent of companies don’t provide their customers with prompt reply or don’t respond to their appeal at all. In such situations live chats may bring value. With Magento Commerce integrations, like dotdigital Chat, Drift etc. it’s real not to keep clients frustrated with some critical issues for a long time, but provide them with an instant solution;

6. Email marketing indeed justifies the costs. Its advantage lies in personalized offers, promotions and sales through email. Email capturing can be a good indicator for marketers to track one’s website behavior and, as a result, treat a customer individually next time;

7. Analytic. As we said above, investigating customers behavior, tracking their preferences is a useful strategy that leads to your business growth. Such research can be very efficient with Magento Commerce Business Intelligence module, which allows you to analyze buyers’ behavior all over your brands and always stay ahead.

With perfect eCommerce automation it’s real to spend less time and funds eventually, but to get stunning results.

If you’d like to know how to create ecommerce website in 7 days or have another topic to discuss, contact our team!

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