How to Maintain Your Magento Website?

Magento website development is a complex process that needs to be considered carefully. And its launch is always a great occasion for a company. And once you enter the eCommerce world, it’s time for the next phase, which is not less challenging, and furthermore, it lasts as long as your website performs.

It is website maintenance that also requires a serious approach and maximum attention.

So let’s focus on the main steps to focus on when maintaining your digital store, based on Magento:

  1. Analyze the website performance.

By analyzing your website performance, you will be able to detect potential problems or predict its further emergence. It is a crucial step to avoid vulnerabilities that may negatively affect your business in the future.

2. Test the website speed.

Slow pages loading may lead to frequent cart abandonment cases and, as a result, decrease your customer loyalty. Running speed test is an important aspect that must be conducted at least once a month.

3. Detect broken links.

Dead end links are not an indicator of a highly-performing website. Moreover, it may also cause resentment among your audience. Google webmaster is an effective tool to detect such links, so it doesn’t really take much time to fix this problem.

4. Test contact forms.

Contact form is a necessary part of your marketing strategy, as it’s a channel of communication with clients. And once they are not able to ask you a question or get an answer, be ready for low conversion rates on your website.

5. Check the process of orders.

You need to make sure that such features as product search, add-to-cart and checkout process work without interference, as they are parts of the whole customer journey, which final positive sign is a completed purchase and satisfied client.

6. Update your website content on a regular basis.

Provide your website visitors with up-to-date content, and it will certainly help you to get more organic traffic.

Website security is a separate topic, as your clients data proper protection is what makes your digital store reliable and trustworthy.

In this article you may find useful information on how to keep your Magento website secure.

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