How to Involve Your Shopware Store in Climate Protection Activity

Protection of the environment, responsible consumption, minimalist lifestyle — all these topics are the order of the day. Both enterprises and customers are facing a paradigm shift. From now on everyone tries to strengthen their accountability with respect to resources.

eCommerce doesn’t remain on the sideline and provides up-to-date technologies to make a real contribution to eco-activities. Let’s find out, how Shopware store owners can take part in it and set a good example to those who still don’t realize the necessity of combating climate change:

  1. Carbon Dioxide Emission Compensation. Speaking about the eCommerce giants eBay, Galazus, Zalando, they offer their buyers to offset carbon dioxide emissions during the checkout process. You may develop such a practice as well and not only to help Mother Nature, but to assert yourself positively and mark your business as not indifferent to what’s happening on the planet;
  2. Renewable Energy Usage. Both your online shop performance and the office running consumes electricity. Reach out to your green electricity providers to figure out how it can be possible to consume green energy instead;
  3. Prompt Logistics and Rate of Return Decrease. Every return creates one extra eCommerce supply chain that eats up additional resources. The best way is to provide product descriptions as detailed as possible and attach product images of high quality, so this product won’t be overestimated by clients. Not only nature will benefit from it, but your business too. Besides, you could look for eco-friendly shipping service. Why not? Every knock is a boost;
  4. Alternative Packaging Material Usage. Recycled materials are currently trending, so it wouldn’t be hard to find sustainable solutions for packaging. In addition, you can also try to reduce parcel’s space;
  5. Original Materials Consumption. A lot of people fear plastic like a plague. It’s not a surprise! As surveys say, there are 46 000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean. So original materials are trending too. Its consumption may increase your company eco-friendliness and, thus, attract more eco-friendly clients. Say no to plastic, and you’ll be much happier.

I hope you’ve managed to find some insights and can’t wait to implement these ideas into your business routine. All these steps are must-have as it benefits either environmental well-being or your company blooming.

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