How to Grow Your Digital Storefront with Magento?

The eCommerce industry has grown considerably in 2020. Last year online sales reached $2 billion in 130 days in total. In fact, in 2019 only 2 days, except the holiday season, exceeded this amount. And it’s not like these indicators will decrease. As you can see, fantastic things are happening, so probably it’s a proper time for you to decide how your online business could take advantage of new results the eCommerce sector shows.

When you plan your 2021 strategy, the best way is to proceed from the previous year and review your performance in 2020 to assess the strength and focus on lessons to be learned.

This article highlights the main aspects you shouldn’t miss when reviewing your last year’s metrics:

Infrastructure performance. Your webstore page loading speed and payment processing capacity matter a lot for your clients experience and conversion rates. Slow page loading speed may negatively affect your sales, as customers are likely to leave a website if it takes too long to load. Besides, page loading speed has a direct impact on your search engines rankings too.

  • Availability. These metrics reflect if your web-store performance is stable. Downtime report can be quite useful to detect if your infrastructure should be scaled or not.
  • Speed. These metrics consist of average page load and transaction processing capability. If you notice delay, it is one more sign your infrastructure needs some changes.

Customer experience. You have to admit that customer experience is not what it used to be even a couple of years ago. Online shoppers currently are in search of websites, which offer the best customer journey. It includes convenient navigations, useful content and individual approach. Here are some of questions you should ask when looking back to your customer experience in 2020:

  • Is your website’s content regularly updated?
  • Does your web-store provide live chat?
  • Can your website visitors receive personalized product recommendations?

Answering these questions, you can easily figure out where to place emphasis on first.

Traffic and conversions. It’s crucial to define if your website attracts the right auditory and check if all links in a chain work correctly to turn your website visitors into regular clients. Traffic plays a big role in converting. So it’s important to compare your last year and this year traffic. Also, pay attention to the kinds of traffic that was converted most and least (mobile, desktop etc.). You can do the same with landing pages, offers and products.

Follow this flow, and it will be much easier to identify your further path.

And if you wonder, how to indicate performance issues in Magento 2, this article will give you a hint.