How Does Magento Help to Reduce the Social Distance?

Covid-19 has put at risk many retail businesses. So digital presence is practically the only one way for merchants to adapt to new circumstances and hold market positions of their companies.

The current world needs a superhero, and Magento as a leader of the eCommerce sector is a perfect candidate.

Let’s find out why and how Magento is able to improve sellers’ capabilities in times of limited resources.

Recently Magento introduced a Business acceleration page to provide merchants with information on Magento best practices and other important updates, like new features that aim to help eCommerce businesses to rapidly react to global market changes.

Here is a short review of the most useful Magento features:

AI technologies as a powerful tool to multiply sales. Due to integration of Adobe Sensei, machine learning technology, into new feature Product Recommendations web-stores now can generate automated product recommendations, based on previous user behaviour researches. From now on buyers may have a differentiated eCommerce experience that definitely contributes to sales growth.

Page Builder Templates to make a content creation process more efficient. With the help of Templates retailers can save the time usually spent on content and layout creation. Now they are able to reuse previously made templates and thus focus more on creativity instead of starting everything from scratch again and again.

Updated version of Amazon Sales Channel extension for Amazon store owners. Now the process of tracking an Amazon store performance is much easier due to refreshed UI and more intuitive-in-use dashboard, which simplifies setting up new strategies as well.

It seems Magento is indeed our eCommerce superhero that accurately predicts all sellers’ upcoming challenges and offers its solutions immediately.

If you are thinking of what new features to add to your Magento web-store, this article might be quite relevant for you. It describes top features to strengthen your online B2B business.

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