Holiday eCommerce Twists and Turns: postponed shipping worries

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Awareness of what is going on in the eCommerce world is a significant development vector for your own business. It’s time for the latest breaking news.

Let’s start with recent statistics regarding holiday shopping flood:

  • 56% intend to purchase online and pick up in store in 2020, compared to 37% in 2019 (Merkle);
  • Up to 30% of holiday season sales will be made via digital channels (Salesforce);
  • Up to 700 million holiday parcels are under threat of having delays in shipping because of worsened shipping opportunities (Salesforce);
  • 62% of consumers plan to buy last-minute presents online in 2020 (Voxware).

As you can see, this year eCommerce websites await a bigger load than ever before.

Indeed, delivery becomes an acute problem at the end of the year due to Christmas rush and difficulties in shipment. Timely resolution of this problem would be eCommerce companies decision to make an option “buy online, pick up in-store” a priority and highlight shipping deadlines on their websites as well. Hopefully it will help to increase digital revenue and retain regular clients.

By the way, eCommerce entrepreneurs should be concerned not only about shipping delays, but also about the powerful performance of their website, since Black Friday is around the corner and doorbusters (let’s transform into website busters). So it is quite the task for retailers to think ahead.

MageNews recommends following ways out:

  • To run a sales campaign and guarantee best prices earlier, so there is no need to look forward to Black Friday/Cyber Monday;
  • To promise realistic delivery deadlines to make customers agree on long-term relationships.

Let’s not let unexpectedness interrupt the Magento ecological environment. Keep informed and welcome to themed blog articles, where you can learn more about Top 12 Magento modules for B2B and How to meet customers expectations with strong Magento 2 shipping extensions.

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