eCommerce in 2020: Key Insights

Jane Vyshnova
2 min readDec 21, 2020


Recently RetailX conducted a survey to wrap-up this year and define how global pandemic has impacted the eCommerce business in 2020. Here is a brief overview of their instructive report on the top 1000 best online retailers’ progress made in such a tough time.

How has Covid-19 influenced eCommerce?

Obviously, these unprecedented circumstances have set the stage to progress of digitization. Many people, who were not fans of online shopping before, had to make purchases through the Internet. According to a RetailX report, starting from early spring 2020 up to 2 million customers have made an online purchase for the first time. This number includes a major part of elderly people.

It contributed to an increased demand for omnichannel businesses. To be competitive, there was no way out for retailing companies except going eCommerce and expanding channels of cooperation with clients.

Thus, omnichannel has become a question of survival. Zara can serve as a prime example of a prompt reaction to consequences of these uncertain times. The company made it possible for clients to search for items on their website and check its availability in a selected store. Lately this pick up option has been implemented to various retailing companies. Inditex plans to invest nearly 1,7 billion euro in this idea.

Improving customer experience

Ease of use is one the most important aspects that has a positive impact on customer retention. Fashion and jewelry sectors run websites with the most convenient navigation. Food and gardening industries are the worst. Speaking about geolocation, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria and Italy succeed in this approach the most. And the worst performers are Estonia and Cyprus.

One more crucial factor for customer well-being is a location of the Internet domain. Websites that offer multiple languages and currency are highly appreciated. Nearly 45% of sellers have a website that enables customers to select their country.

What else matters is an exact product description and product presentation. The more complex a type of product is, the more detailed description it requires. Czech Republic performs the best in this manner. And Great Britain still didn’t accomplish this task.

To sum up, the tendency to switch into digital activity is evident. But it’s rather a pleasure than a challenge, as the digital world is full of opportunities.

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