DevOps: Why Traceability Should Be a Priority

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To start talking about traceability, let’s begin with DevOps definition in order to be in tune. In a word, it serves as a bridge between Development and Operations teams. This usually makes the process of software deployment faster and more effective. It aims at making the communication between software engineers and system administrators more adjusted and clear.

This is it! Now, let’s get back to traceability and why it is essential for the process. Traceability in DevOps means clear process, reporting and faster deployment. This useful tool enables you to monitor and control each stage of a product development. Moreover, this can help to quickly and effectively solve any issues that may appear in the future.

One more reason to consider while discussing the importance of traceability is transparency of a development process, specially for your customers. Today more and more clients strive to be inside the process, they know how it works. It is something like the added value of your services. You should really take care about being transparent for your customer.

Below are several points how traceability influences your project/work:

  • It will help you avoid as many faults as it can be possible. The practice and successful experience of many companies shows that the more precise your traceability process is, the more smoothly your product will operate.
  • Clear and specified traceability can help DevOps teams ensure compliance regardless the type of industry sector they are working.
  • Being quick, but not loose in quality — it is always the priority in any business sphere. Sure, we are all in constant search of the best way of being quick and simultaneously reach high quality standards. Traceability will be helpful here, too.

The benefits are clear, but now comes a question: How to implement this wonderful tool? First of all be careful and not hurry up. Traceability implementation process needs clear understanding, attention and care. Otherwise, it can have the opposite effect and slow down the whole working process.

Just remember that close interaction, cooperation, effective communication are always essential for every team working on projects. Having paid attention to every part of the process, you will receive stability in the actions of staff and control in the development of complex products.

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Our team is glad to share more information about DevOps development process as well as many other related tips that you can find in our blog.

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