DevOps Strategy: steps to ensure High-Performing teams in 2020

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2020 is the year of unusual challenges when we all have faced global pandemic. It made all of us change business strategies and approaches in order to stay rock-solid.

If previously the companies hesitated while making the decision to implement DevOps, today more and more of them consider it a must. They realize that DevOps enables not only to stand against business world challenges, but also to be competitive enough.

DevOps is all about more effective production time, better communication between a company’s teams and prevention of deployment delays.

So, if you want to know more about how to ensure your IT-team great and effective performance, my story is for you.

DevOps strategy: from Development to Production

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Yes, it will take time, but it’s really worth it when you receive expected results. To adjust the processes you will need to take the following steps:

Select efficient instruments

there is no some general magic set of tools, but here is the list of the most common of them: CI/CD tools; tools for monitoring the software performance; automotive testing tools — for testing of the software in diverse environments; exchange information tools — are aimed at managing and improving the communication between teams; tools for orchestrating apps — are useful for massive software deployment.

Define the DevOps environment

it is important to think about infrastructure type that will provide proper work for all tools. Here you can choose: Iaas cloud infrastructure, Cloud computing and Docker containers.

Reorganize the team

obviously, any reorganization in a company is stressful for a team. To make it less stressful we usually recommend turning to professionals that can help. Such an approach will help you to avoid the challenges relating to hiring new staff, creating new positions and assigning your staff to new positions.

Organize a smooth feedback process

it will help your team to exchange experience as well as share challenges and discuss updates. A team should regularly monitor feedback, answer requests and quickly react to changes.

Today you can find a lot of success stories of DevOps implementation, but practically the process is complex and not easy that includes choosing an appropriate approach, set of tools, the right infrastructure and preparing your staff for reorganization.

DevOps is something that should be implemented at once and continuously adjusted. Today you can find a team of professionals that will help you become a part of the wide DevOps community. DevOps is a specific philosophy that can make your IT-team be highly-performed.

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