DevOps security: TOP essentials to know

We are all aware that security is one of the essential things to take care of in almost every process. And DevOps is no exception.

Today I want to share with you about security issues that enable strengthen cybersecurity and risk prevention.

Before speaking about useful tips, let’s discover what is DevSecOps and how your DevOps can benefit it?

DevSecOps is the set of tools that is described as the development of the current DevOps practice aimed to make the processes more secure and efficient. The main task of DevSecOps is the covering of every stage of a project starting from its creation and finishing by deployment and maintenance. Generally speaking here is the list of its benefits:

  • Ensuring standard production process and infrastructure makes the system fully secure
  • Cyclic commands coding ensures thorough process automatization that decreases risks of failure in the result of manual tasks and human factor
  • New updates and product releases are more flexible and of higher quality

How to transform DevOps into DevSecOps?

You can make it possible using certain tools, which are described below:

  1. DAST (Dynamic application security testing) means that dynamic analyzers check the code and identify the vulnerable pieces.
  2. RASP (Runtime application self-protection) — this tool analyzes the application operation that results in regular security analyzes.
  3. IAST (Interactive application security testing) analyzes the code operation in the memory and checks certain events that can result in vulnerability.
  4. SAST (Static application security testing) means the way to test the code without the application launch. This tool helps to detect potential risks in the initial code and prevent the vulnerabilities of the “zero-day”.
  5. CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) — it is the official registry/vocabulary of general security faults that can be used by hackers. It will also help to prevent mistakes appearing in the next level — CVE
  6. CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) — it is the database of widely-known vulnerabilities of information security aimed at regulating popular program defects.
  7. SCA (Static code analysis) — this tool enables detecting the vulnerabilities in open code components.

To conclude my story I want to say that DevOps, as well as other technologies, are in constant development to ensure the processes effectiveness. DevSecOps is considered an obvious and inevitable evolution in DevOps. As the security of the ready project is as important as its quality.

I want to invite you to our blog and read more about DevOps security practices.

And just to note that Dinarys team has reliable experience in DevOps and we are always ready to discuss your DevOps issues following the up-to-date trends. All you need just contact our specialists.

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