DevOps outsourcing: start FAST and enjoy the BENEFITS

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DevOps is widely known as a great tool for connecting development and operation teams aimed at faster and effective project deployment. Companies that are striving to achieve faster, smoother and more cost-effective development process have a choice: whether to implement DevOps by the efforts of their own team or to request an outsource team support.

  • You can choose through the variety of talented and professional DevOps outsourcing teams with no limitations in location. Moreover, you will save the time needed to recruit your own team.
  • Outsource teams have their own managers who help DevOps engineers be motivated and focused on results.
  • You will receive the team with high-level soft skills that make communication easy and light.
  • Access to innovative and up-to-date solutions.
  • Cost also matters here. You pay only for the tasks fulfilled and that’s it. It means no expenses needed to pay for working place, taxes, hardware or software etc.
  • 3 times lower failure risk
  • Faster failure recovery
  • Out-of schedule work is decreased by 22%
  • Corrections are reduced by 5%

And now, finally, how it usually works.

  1. The outsource agency team starts with the client infrastructure audit aimed at analyzing the current situation and decide on the following steps. The service provider prepares an audit report that includes recommendations on improving the existing infrastructure and a commercial offer.
  2. Then the contract time comes. A client and outsource agency discuss workload, terms and responsibilities and conclude the agreement.
  3. At this stage and outsource company determines DevOps engineer or a team of engineers that will be responsible for the project and the work starts.
  4. The parties agree to a certain period of time when the reports will be sent to a client.

Finalizing this list, I want to mention that constant communication with a client is a key factor to reach successful results in the process.

We are in Dinarys have a strong belief that result-oriented outsource DevOps team is able to help you effectively prevent possible delays in workflow and shorten SDLC. DevOps specific philosophy and methodology will let you stand out in the competitive business world. We are always here and ready to discuss any possible challenges you can face in the process.

CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to Grow 🚀ecommerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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