Covid-19 vaccine can stop the pandemic, but will it stop eCommerce achievements?

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How is coronavirus impacting eCommerce? This topic has already become eternal. eCommerce indeed either faced complex challenges or improved performance. But what is a forecast of its further development in the future, when a vaccine for Covid-19 is in action? Let’s see…

As it was recently reported, Oxford University vaccine is expected to be highly effective. It gives a hope we will be able to live our normal life again.

However, not everyone wants his old lifestyle back. It relates to online buyers. As analyst Rick Patel surveyed, digital channels will stay strong in spite of potential reactivation of brick and mortar stores. It’s possible to conclude that quarantine has shown us the rest of eCommerce positive sides and increased loyalty to online shopping.

55 % of respondents of Rick Patel’s survey claimed that they would choose online stores even when the pandemic is over.

Besides, Covid-19 not only contributes to eCommerce attractiveness among shoppers, but it also has significantly changed the former business routine and has opened new opportunities for B2B eCommerce. No pain no gain, as the saying goes.

For instance, pandemic has ignited multi-channel. Many businesses realized that to keep them afloat it’s better to go omnichannel. Embracing various payment and shipping options is what makes their customer service convenient and flexible now.

Healthcare industry is the one that suffers the most from quarantine disruptions. Nevertheless, it served as a nice boost for health care specialists to implement digital tools to provide contactless performance. They started to use video chat apps, like Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype to evaluate patient health remotely.

Certainly, such a tiny pathogen led us to irreversible changes. For today we have both good and bad consequences, but we keep on getting better.

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