Checkout Page Optimization: Checklist

Jane Vyshnova
4 min readAug 11, 2022


In the realm of e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment is becoming more and more common. When it’s time to check out, customers fill their carts with items from your store and then accidentally leave.

Follow this guide, and you will be able to streamline your overall online shopping experience, increase conversion rate, and decrease checkout abandonment as a result.

Checkout Page Optimization: Best Practices

Checkout page optimization can help you significantly minimize the checkout page drawbacks, avoid complexities, and boost your website loading speed. This article section offers you 6 practical techniques to improve your online store’s checkout and increase conversions.

1. Provide a transparent navigation

If your checkout page is multi-step, it must be clear to customers what will happen after they click the next call-to-action (CTA) button. To prevent customers from being lost during the checkout process, provide them with transparent checkout page navigation, informing them on each next step they get down to.

For example, if your checkout page consists of 4 blocks, such as billing, shipping, order info, and payment, implement a progress bar at the top of your checkout page that will display each of these blocks, so your customers can understand what stage they are in now.

Also, you can guide your users directly through CTA buttons, such as “Continue to shipping method” or “Continue to payment”.

2. Place a trust badge

Customers are more likely to trust your company if you use the trust badge, also known as a trust seal. In particular, adding a trust badge is a smart idea to reduce hesitancy when carrying out the payment procedure. Since the trust seal business has consented to put their badge on your website, your visitors can rest assured that your page is trustworthy and that any information they provide will be gathered by secure third-party service providers.

The most suitable place to locate a trust badge is the CTA button that proceeds buyers to the payment gateway. Also, you can place a trust badge under the “Place order” button to encourage customers to start the checkout process.

3. Avoid making the user start again if there’s an error

In case of a multi-step checkout when your user needs to go one step back or in case of an unreliable internet connection, make sure that all entered user data will remain on the checkout page and there won’t be the need to start the checkout process all over again.

4. Display a clear order summary before the checkout

The order summary compiles and presents all order data in a single view, from the number of ordered items and their details, such as size and color, to taxes, shipping costs, and discounts.

To ensure that customers have a full understanding of their order, you must allow them to evaluate it before you accept payment. If possible, make this order data visible throughout the entire checkout process to avoid hidden fees disclosed only in the end as well.

5. Don’t include any outgoing links to checkout

Your checkout page should be arranged in such a way that nothing should distract your customers from their final goal — purchase. Therefore, don’t include any outgoing links as well as clickable logos and footer to your checkout page.

6. Offer an easy way to get in touch with your store’s help center

Your customers should have the opportunity to contact your store’s representatives any time during their e-commerce journey, and checkout is no exception. Make sure that such means of communication as live chat, email, or phone number are available on your checkout page, so your potential buyers could reach you at the exact moment they have questions or problems they need to solve not to postpone the checkout until better times.


The fundamental ideas behind checkout page optimization are now clear to you. Although it may seem hard, optimizing your checkout page is really rather simple. You may easily overcome your checkout challenges as long as you pay attention to what your clients prefer and draw inspiration from the checkout tactics we’ve mentioned in this article.

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