B2B Omnichannel: Ensure the Long-term Business Viability with Magento

I’m ready with a new portion of updates about Magento. This time it is about B2B Omnichannel Commerce.

I absolutely agree with the statement that the customer experience is of high importance and is able to help your business to be distinct from the competitors. The customer-based approach is essential for the B2B sphere. It is all about your business availability where, when and how the customers want.

I want to share an example that perfectly describes the effect of the omnichannel approach in B2B. Such a story is not something that often happens in B2B sphere, but it brightly demonstrates the customer journey.

A worker started his work and found out that his instrument doesn’t work in the right way. The reason was in a broken part. What does he do?

He takes his smartphone and enters the online-store website to order the new one. But he is not sure that it is the right part for exactly his model of instrument. He checks his purchase history to verify the instrument model. As he needs his instrument to finish his work this day, he chooses the local store to pick up the part. The story is not finished yet. He brings the part and comes back to work, but he doesn’t know how to replace the broken part. The website video-tutorial comes to rescue. And, voila a worker can finish his work. The website receives positive feedback in review and satisfied customer who will certainly return to the online-store.

What is the meaning of this story and why I’ve decided to share it? From the customer side, the process looked like check-find-order-product receiving. As easy as ABC. It is the perfect case. From the website owner’s side, the process is more complex. Luckily, modern technologies enable B2B website owners to make this process smooth for customers.

Improve the customer experience that usually results in greater customer satisfaction. That is equal to your eCommerce success.

In case you decide to use the benefits of omnichannel solutions, I suggest to consider what Magento can offer for this.

And remember that Magento can offer much more!

Discover also about Magento 2 B2B Feature List that will be in handy for Ecommerce Business Growth!

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