B2B E-commerce Trends in 2021–2025

With the arrival of a pandemic in our life, a lot has changed. The growth of e-commerce has skyrocketed as most businesses move online. As a result, the growth trend of B2B e-commerce and the marketing methods we are seeing now are reshaping the industry as we know it. But as the number of B2B stores increases, so does the competition. And then the question arises, what needs to be done to stand out? Follow the trends, of course. That is why we want to present you with a selection of TOP B2B trends for 2021–2025. So be on the wave of the hype and mark these dizzying trends!

Trend № 1 — Self-service

Now is the time when people love convenience. Calls or messages about orders have long been disliked. According to estimates, 86% of users prefer self-service methods, reordering, and tools for checking their order status without contacting the seller directly. To satisfy such a user need, you need to keep your interface intuitive, where they can view previous orders, and manage their orders without contacting merchants.

Trend № 2 — Loyalty programs

Rewarding customer loyalty is essential to B2B businesses, as it ultimately turns ad-hoc customers into repeat customers. Loyalty programs improve the customer experience, minimize, if not avoid, natural customer churn and retain existing customers, which is considered a strategic imperative for any B2B business.

We recommend that large B2B businesses consider a tiered loyalty program first. Tiered systems allow you to increase customer loyalty from the beginning and stimulate existing customers to increase the volume of cooperation to acquire significant discounts and benefits.

You can start with small rewards to entice customers to sign up for the loyalty program and offer more valuable rewards to customers who have been actively using the program for a long time.

Only real professionals familiar with the intricacies and peculiarities of this area of ​​business should be entrusted with developing a loyalty program for a B2B business. These are the marketers that work at Dinarys.

Trend № 3 — Personalization

When it comes to the B2B sector, you need to focus on web personalization. Personalization allows you to tailor your website to improve its relevance to individual visitors, improve user experience, and increase the likelihood of conversions. According to research, 72% of customers only use personalized messages, and 69% of B2B shoppers are willing to pay more for a customized experience.

In the End

Oh, there are so many cool trends left… Want to know more? Then hurry up to read our article, there are still so many exciting things waiting for you!




CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova

CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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