Adobe Experience Platform Upgrades. You Shouldn’t Miss It!

As online buyers started using multiple sales of channels, it has become necessary to capture data from different sources in real time to react instantly.

Adobe Experience Platform as an AI-driven open system allows having single control over buyers’ interactions across various channels and devices, which opens up new prospects for analyzing customer behavior and creating unique customer journeys. It is a brand new method for setting up marketing strategies and campaigns and, all in all, boosting sales.

Recently Adobe introduced several Experience Platform upgrades that can help strengthen digital business workflow management and deliver personalized customer experience.

  • Customer Journey Analytics based on Artificial Intelligence detects website vulnerabilities and its hidden capabilities.
  • Offer Decisioning allows merchants to receive real time data from different channels to use it for further strategies development, aimed at conversion rates optimization and skyrocketing sales. Being aware of customers needs is the first step to providing them with up-to-date proposals.
  • Adobe Experience Platform Launch Server Side improves web-store performance by transferring completed work to the server. Sellers can collect data from unrelated sources and offer better web and app experience.

The main concept of Adobe Experience Platform is bringing information from online and brick-and-mortar stores together for better understanding customer behaviour and faster adapting to their preferences.

In fact, this is great news for retailers that own e-stores, built with Magento PWA Studio, since having integrated Adobe Experience Manager with their web-store they will obtain endless possibilities to give their target audience what they expect and would really appreciate.

Don’t miss this window of opportunity too and learn how your eCommerce business can take advantage of Magento progressive web app. You can find more in this article.

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