Musical instruments are a specific product that interests a certain category of buyers. However, such a narrow niche opens up good opportunities for business development. These products can be successfully sold in an online store, which will help to minimize costs and quickly take a high position in the market.

Study your target audience. This is the first recommendation you should use when developing an e-commerce store. Whose challenges are you going to address? What solution will you provide them? It’s possible to create a compelling product only when you answer those questions. UX design plays a significant role in…

The proper shopping experience starts with a proper UX design. It gives a user an understanding of their further customer journey direction: what buttons to click to satisfy their final goals: choose a product and complete a purchase.

The main elements of UX design, like information architecture, interaction consistency, usability…

There are various online business models used by retailers: traditional e-commerce websites, marketplaces, and auction marketplaces. Each business model’s suitability is determined by such basic factors as products and services being sold, a pricing model, target market specifics, etc.

While traditional websites and marketplaces deliver a similar shopping experience and…

Jane Vyshnova

CEO & Founder at Dinarys GmbH | We help to grow 🚀e-commerce business & establish infrastructure 🔥

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