Study your target audience. This is the first recommendation you should use when developing an e-commerce store. Whose challenges are you going to address? What solution will you provide them? It’s possible to create a compelling product only when you answer those questions. UX design plays a significant role in product relevance, as it’s a tool that helps customers to interact with your brand. Therefore, this is one of the fields that require thorough research.

UX research is a range of investigative methods used to get insights into the shopping behavior of target audiences, delve into their prior experience, and…

The proper shopping experience starts with a proper UX design. It gives a user an understanding of their further customer journey direction: what buttons to click to satisfy their final goals: choose a product and complete a purchase.

The main elements of UX design, like information architecture, interaction consistency, usability, visual design, etc. have a direct impact on customer engagement and retainment. Below you can find 5 golden rules of UX design to deliver an exciting user experience.

  • Conduct UX research. It is a vital step on the way to a good UX design, which will satisfy each of your…

There is a common concern among B2B retailers: how to encourage clients to place more orders and improve AOV (average order value)? In the digital era, multiple tactics can be applied: personalized incentives, product recommendations, cross-selling, and self-service. In this article, we will focus on the latter.

To stand out in a competitive market in times when B2B customers prefer convenient and fast purchases without external assistance, e-commerce websites should be designed in accordance with their needs. Self-service is a solid foundation of a modern e-procurement process. Today, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. …

There are various online business models used by retailers: traditional e-commerce websites, marketplaces, and auction marketplaces. Each business model’s suitability is determined by such basic factors as products and services being sold, a pricing model, target market specifics, etc.

While traditional websites and marketplaces deliver a similar shopping experience and differ only in the number of sellers on the platform, auction marketplaces are another story. In a classic English auction model, sellers put their items on the market, and buyers, in turn, place bids on what they want to buy. Eventually, the buyer with the highest bid wins the auction.

According to the IBISWorld research, the e-commerce & online auction industry in the US is the 3d rate retail trade industry by market size. E-auctions is the right place for buyers and sellers to make successful deals without leaving the house, therefore this sphere is frequently picked by investors to multiply profit. Nowadays, there are hundreds of auction houses that benefit from going online and small businesses that make use of e-commerce auction software and grow with each passing day.

When you keep in mind an idea of developing your own online auction business, it will be helpful to analyze…

“To develop an online clothing store” is one of the most widely spread requests we receive from our leads. Indeed, the fashion business is a truly profitable but at the same time an extremely competitive niche. For this reason, a proper branding strategy is a turning point in the success of any online clothing store.

If you intend to establish strong market leadership, you should take care of your website appearance. To make your web store distinctive, consider the following Magento e-commerce themes.


This responsive and SEO-optimized Magento theme has all the necessary components to enhance your shopping experiences and…

Running a fashion business doesn’t only mean selling stylish apparel and accessories. This implies the need to do everything in a stylish and elegant manner. An e-commerce website with an eye-catching visual effect will let your audience know that your store is the right place for what they are looking for.

To add an appropriate vibe to your website, you can make use of Magento themes. The internet is full of appealing Magento fashion themes that can help you reflect your brand message and attract more like-minded clients. …

Website development involves numerous important steps to be taken. But when it comes to your e-commerce store appearance, you should approach this matter extremely carefully. The way your website looks totally reflects your brand values and contributes to its better recognition.

For this reason, it’s crucial to pick the right Magento 2 theme, which, in fact, will help you either nail your website’s visual design or enhance overall performance. To make it work, put into consideration the following aspects.


It’s a priority factor, as your website’s visual effect is what makes the first impression on visitors. As a rule, it’s…

Multi-vendor marketplace extensions are efficient tools to expand your website potential and transform it from a pure web store into a fully-fledged marketplace. The tendency of such a transformation is evident: more and more e-commerce entrepreneurs intend to enhance their platform functionality and integrate it with marketplace features.

Read more: “Key Functionality for Your Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace

The Magento 2 platform is a traditional and the most working method to build a marketplace. It is a complex solution that brings countless advantages for both B2B and B2C businesses, such as:

  • The high degree of customization,
  • Ease of integrations,
  • A broad…

Running an online marketplace brings uncountable benefits to its owner. The online marketplace industry is at its peak, attracting millions of buyers and sellers. The biggest e-marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. have proven the relevance of this business model.

According to the Marketplace Pulse research, approximately 169 782 new merchants have joined Amazon in 2020. As for the popularity of marketplaces among buyers, Statista reported that 37% would prefer to make a repeat purchase on online marketplaces.

What should you keep in mind before recreating the success of mentioned above e-commerce giants? …

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